1st Prize£1,000
2nd Prize£250
3rd Prize£100
4th Prize30 x £5

Hey! Let’s play The Donkey Sanctuary Weekly Lottery!

Play today for your chance to win £5,000, and hundreds more prizes, in our annual Superdraw. Plus, there’s a £1,000 weekly jackpot up for grabs! Play for just £1 per entry for your chance to win.

Every play makes every day better for donkeys. You’ll help us love and care for donkeys all around the world by playing the Weekly Lottery. And, if you’re lucky enough to scoop the Superdraw top prize of £5,000, it’ll make your day too!

Superdraw takes place on Friday 28 January 2022.1st prize £5,000, 2nd prize £500, 3rd prize £250 plus 200 x £5 prizes

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How to play our weekly lottery

Playing is simple. When you join, you’ll pick how many entries you would like each week. The more entries you play, the more chances you have to win!

We’ll send your lottery numbers in the post – your number is unique to you and yours for as long as you keep playing our lottery. You’ll even receive a cute and colourful fridge magnet to write your numbers on and keep them safe.

Every week, we put all the entries into the lottery draw and a random number generator picks out the winners. The first picked receives the jackpot of £1,000, the second receives £250, and so on. We send out all the prizes on the day of the draw, so if you win you don’t need to claim – you’ll just receive a cheque in the post.

You can pay for your entries in advance by Direct Debit. If you choose to pay monthly, for each entry you play we’ll take either £4 or £5 depending on how many Fridays there are in the month. That means you’ll play in all of those draws for your chance to win.

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How you make a difference by playing the lottery

Running a lottery is a fun and exciting way for us to raise funds for donkeys. As a charity we have to fundraise in as many different ways as possible, to maximise the money we can spend caring for donkeys across the world. Playing our lottery is one way you can make a real difference!

For every £1 you play a small portion will go towards our weekly prize fund. Another small part will pay for administration. What’s left goes towards our charity and growing our lottery.

Our first draw took place on Friday 6 November. As a licenced lottery operator, we are required to share with our supporters the breakdown of how each £1 entry is spent. Across the five draws in Jan 2021 The Donkey Sanctuary received £37,397 in lottery sales. After paying out prize money and running costs, The Donkey Sanctuary received £21,735.90 (58.12%) in every £1 ticket in our lottery, 20.06% was spent on prizes and 21.82% on expenses.

Our lottery was launched in 2020 and we have big plans for it over the next few years. We’ll initially spend the funds we raise on growing the lottery, which in turn will help us generate more funds and make an even bigger difference for donkeys in the future.

If you choose to support donkeys by playing our lottery we’ll keep you updated on how your money is being spent and the difference you're making.

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